hair growth stimulate active ingredient Piroctone Olamine,OCT,PO

Piroctone Olamine

Short Description:

Cosmate®OCT,Piroctone Olamine is a highly effective anti-dandruff and antimicrobial agent. It is an environmental friendly and multifunctional.


  • Trade Name: Cosmate®OCT
  • Product Name: Piroctone Olamine
  • INCI Name: Piroctone Olamine
  • Molecular Formula: C16H30N2O3
  • CAS No.: 68890-66-4
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    Cosmate®OCT,Piroctone Olamine,Piroctone Ethanolamine,also know as Octopirox(An Indian Brand),short as OCT or PO,is a compound sometimes used in the treatment of fungal infections.Piroctone olamine is the ethanolamine salt of the hydroxamic acid derivative piroctone. Cosmate®OCT is freely soluble in 10% ethanol in water,soluble in solution containing surfactants in water or in 1%-10% ethanol,slightly soluble in water and in oil. The solubility in water varies by pH value, and is a litter larger in neutral or weak basic solution than in acid solution.

    Cosmate®OCT,Piroctone Olamine,the ethanolamine salt of the hydroxamic acid derivative Piroctone, is a hydroxypyridone anti-mycotic agent. Piroctone olamine penetrates the cell membrane and forms complexes with iron ions, inhibiting energy metabolism in mitochondria. Cosmate®OCT, is a nontoxic anti-dandruff active.It’s safe, non-toxic, and non-irritating,which is particularly suitable for the manufacture of hair care products such as shampoos and hair care products such as hair tonics and cream rinses with an antidandruff action. It is extremely easy to formulate, enabling stable formulations with no effort. Cosmate®OCT controls the growth of microorganisms effectively and is directly targeting the cause of dandruff.

    Cosmate®OCT,Piroctone Olamine has antifungal properties, which will help you control the spread of Malassezia globosa.An anti-dandruff shampoo containing Piroctone Olamine can fight dandruff.

    Whatever your gender and age, you may face hair fall,due to dirt, dust, pollution, dandruff, excessive use of hair styling tools and etc. Dandruff makes your scalp itchy, which leads to constant scratching, redness, and hair follicle damage.Cosmate®OCT,Piroctone Olamine is a proven cure for reducing hair fall.Because it effectively works on dandruff and fungal infections.

    Cosmate®OCT,Piroctone Olamine stimulate hair growth in many ways. It reduces hair fall and increases the hair diameter.Piroctone Olamine provides better results for dandruff and fungal infections.


    Technical Parameters:

    Appearance White to off-white powder
    Assay 99.0% min.
    Loss on Drying 1.0%max.
    Sulphated Ash 0.2%max.
    Monoethanolamine 20.0~21.0%
    Diethanol Amine Negative
    Nitrosamine 50 ppb max.
    Hexane 300 ppm max.
    Ethyl Acetate 3,000 ppm max.
    pH Value(1% in water suspension) 9.0~10.0
    Total Bacterial 1,000 cfu/g max.
    Molds &Yeasts 100 cfu/g max.
    E.Coli Negative/g
    Staphylococcus Aureus Negative/g
    P.Aeruginosa Negative/g









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