High effective antioxidant whitening agent Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate,THDA,VC-IP

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

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Cosmate®THDA,Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate is a stable, oil-soluble form of vitamin C. It helps support skin’s collagen production and promotes a more even skin tone. As it is a powerful antioxidant, it fights free radicals that damage skin.  

  • Trade Name: Cosmate®THDA
  • Product Name: Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate
  • INCI Name: Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate
  • Molecular Formula: C70H128O10
  • CAS No.: 183476-82-6
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    Cosmate®THDA,Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate gives you all the benefits of vitamin C without any drawbacks of L-Ascorbic acid. Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate brightens and evens skin tone, fights free radical damage, and supports our skin’s collagen production, while being extremely stable, non-irritating, and is fat-soluble. Cosmate®THDA ,A type of esterified vitamins that is natural and highly-effective concerning skin whitening. Compared with the water-soluble vitamin C that will eventually be excreted from the body, this fat-solubl Vitamin C offers significant and long-lasting effect, and is much more stable and gentle (non-irritant). It promotes collagen synthesis to prevent skin from aging, improves cell reproduction to slow down the aging process, and reduces skin melanin. Cosmate®THDA works as a powerful antioxidant and whitening agent, with both anti-acne and anti-aging capabilities. It’s a potent, oil soluble form of Vitamin C Ester. Like other forms of Vitamin C, it helps prevent cellular aging by inhibiting the cross-linking of collagen, oxidation of proteins, and lipid peroxidation. It also works synergistically with the antioxidant Vitamin E, and has demonstrated superior percutaneous absorption and stability. Many studies have confirmed the skin lightening, photo-protective, and hydrating effects it can have on the skin. Unlike L-Ascorbic acidCosmate®THDA will not exfoliate or irritate the skin. It is well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin types. Also unlike regular Vitamin C , it can be used in high doses, and for up to eighteen months without oxidizing.Properties & Benefits of Cosmate®THDA: *Superior percutaneous absorption *Inhibits activity of intracellular tyrosinase and melanogenesis (whitening) *Reduces UV-induced cell / DNA damage (UV protection / anti-stress) *Prevents lipid peroxidation and skin aging (anti-oxidant) *Good solubility in common cosmetic oils *SOD-like activity (anti-oxidant) *Collagen synthesis and collagen protection (anti-aging) *Heat- and oxidation-stable Cosmate®THDA  also has some other names  in the market,such as Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate,THDA,VCIP,VC-IPAscorbyl Tetra-2 Hexyldecanoate,Vitamin C Tetraisopalmitate and etc.


    Technical Parameters:

    Appearance Colorless to light yellow liquid
    Odor Characteristic
    Identification IR Conforms

    98.0% min.



    Specific gravity


    Refractive index(25ºC)


    Heavy metals(as Pb) 10ppm max.
    Arsenic(As) 3ppm max.
    E.Coli Negative
    Total Plate Count 1,000 cfu/g
    Yeasts&Molds 100 cfu/g




    *Sun damage protection                       

    *Sun damage repairing



    *Moisturizing and hydration

    *Stimulate collagen production           

    *Lightening & brightening

    *Treat hyperpigmentation 

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