an arginine salt of Ferulic Acid skin whitening L-Arginine Ferulate

L-Arginine Ferulate

Short Description:

Cosmate®AF,L-arginine ferulate, white powder with water solubitliy, an amino acid type of zwitterionic surfactant, has excellent anti-oxidation, anti-static electricity, dispersing and emulsifying abilities. It is applied to the field of personal care products as an antioxidant agent and conditioner, etc.

  • Trade Name: Cosmate®AF
  • Product Name: L-Arginine Ferulate
  • INCI Name: Arginine Ferulate
  • Molecular Formula: C16H24N4O6
  • CAS No.: 950890-74-1
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    Cosmate®AF,Arginine Ferulate is an arginine salt of Ferulic Acid ,L-arginine ferulate is a zwitterionic surfactant-amino acid type,  It acts as antioxidant and cell conditioning agent. It exhibits excellent anti-static electricity, dispersing and emulsifying properties. It can regulate the physiological function of cells along with green algae extracts. L-arginine ferulate is recommended for personal care products.


    Technical Parameters:

    Appearance White or white crystalline powder
    Melting Point 159.0 ºC ~164.0ºC
    pH 6.5~8.0
    Clarity solution

    Solution should be clarified

    Loss on drying

    0.5% max

    Residue on ignition

    0.10% max

    Heavy Metals

    10ppm max.

    Related substances

    0.5% max.




    *Skin Whitening




    *Cleansing Agent

    *Skin Conditioning

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